Message from The Fire Chief


We haven’t had a winter like this in many years, it’s time for a reminder of our safety skills.

1) The heavy snow pulls down overhead power wires. This, combined with massive snow mounds where the loaders have piled it, puts the wires within reach of little people that inherently love to play on the piles. Please make your children are aware of the dangers involved in touching or even being near to power wires. We want you to have fun, but be safe.

2) Snow sliding from roofs can block heater vents, namely the Toyo type. Please make sure your vents are well clear after each snow slide. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills Alaskans every year.

3) The extreme cold temperatures and multiple outages have caused many to rely more than ever on wood heat. Please make sure your chimneys have been properly cleaned and swept. Chimney fires do to excessive Creosote build up and lack of maintenance are unfortunately all to common, proper maintenance will help avoid this.

4) Roofs are shedding very heavy loads of ice and snow right now, please be vigilant about looking up, as your around or under eves. Especially teach your children about this.

5) It is always the simplest, that is thought least important. Slip/falls injure more people than anything. Please slow down when walking, make sure of your footing, and consider adding some traction devices to your step. Thank you for taking the time to consider these thoughts, and please, share with others, especially our little people.

Stay safe, Casey Mapes - Yakutat Fire Chief.