Tax & License Department


Sales tax plays an important role in funding the services and infrastructure the people of Yakutat rely on.  The Tax and License office is responsible for regulating business registration, filing, remittance and record keeping requirements and also offers exemption cards where applicable. 

Sales and Accomodation tax is not a tax on businesses or business owners, but is the People's money collected on behalf of CBY merchants for the benefit of the community as a whole. 

General Sales Tax:  a tax obligation imposed on the gross revenue of the sale of goods and services with the Borough. All merchants are required to collect sales tax at the time of purchase at the rate of 5% on all sales of goods, all services and all non-residential rentals. 

Transient Accomodation and Vehicle Rental Tax: an additional 8% must be collected on all room rentals (less than 30 days duration) and vehicle rentals.  This is in addition to the 5% general sales tax. 

Reporting and Remitting:  Businesses are required to file a tax return for every reporting period.  A return is due even if your establishment has not conducted business or transacted any taxable sales during that period.  

Quarterly Periods                             Tax Remittance Due Date

Quarter 1:  Jan 1-Mar 31                  April 30

Quarter 2:   Apr 1 - Jun 30                Jul 31

Quarter 3:  Jul 1 - Sep 30                  Oct 31

Quarter 4: Oct 1 - Ded 31                  Jan 31


The CBY Code provides for a number of specific exemptions from the levy of borough taxes. Every customer claiming exemption must provide adequate documentation. 

Merchants are responsible for knowing the law when conducting business within the City and Borough of Yakutat. b Business owners will be held liable for failure to comply with the law regardless of their intentions.  If you are unsure of how the law applies to you or your business, contact us.  We are here to help.