Job Opportunities

The following positions are available.  For more information, access the files at the bottom of this page. To apply for a position please complete the CBY Application below and submit it to the Borough Clerk. 


Billing Clerk: The Billing Clerk is responsible for porvicind accounting and clerical support the the Administrative Finance Department, which includes but is not limited to recording daily receipts, answering phones, checking mail, ordering office supplies, assisting with municipal travel arrangements, tallying deposits, maintaining petty cash, billings, mailings, filings, and other duties as requested by the Finance Director. 

Deputy Clerk:   The Deputy Clerk is a full time position within the City and Borough of Yakutat, working in the Department of Administration. The Deputy Clerk works closely with the Borough Clerk and the Borough Planner, other borough employees and the general public. The Deputy Clerk performs a variety of sensitive, complex, professional and technical administrative tasks in accordance with the Yakutat Borough Code, Borough Charter and Planning and Zoning publications. This is a mid-level management position with opportunities for advancement.

Police Officer: Job Duties: • Enforce applicable local, state and federal laws and ordinances; • Respond to 911 and other calls for assistance or service; • Conduct criminal investigations by gathering evidence, interviewing victims and witnesses, and interrogating suspects; testify in court regarding investigations and observations; • Conduct patrols within the Borough, as assigned; • Serve warrants and other court orders; • Monitor and direct traffic conditions; investigate accidents, report unsafe streets or facilities; • Document observations and actions, and maintain proper records; • Conduct all activities, and handle all department-issued equipment, including firearms, other weapons, and vehicles, safely and in compliance with departmental policy and procedures; • Participate in mandatory and elective training; and • Work with other federal, state or local law enforcement units.


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